My name is Tadas - I'm a company of one running T3S Marketing as a freelancer and consultant in digital marketing.

Tadas Antanavicius Headshot

I use my experience working in and with world class organizations, founding companies, and scaling Silicon Valley startups to provide value to my clients.

I like to leverage my software engineering and client-facing expertise to understand my client's goals, and build sustainable solutions.

I'm most interested in providing marketing services that help generate demand for your products through search engines.

I don't sell anything to a client unless I believe that their business truly needs it. So every solution we agree to implement is something that I believe will impact your bottom line. If I can't help your business, I'll do my best to refer you to someone that can.

Tactically, the services I freelance and consult on include:

  • Do you even need SEO or SEM? Free consultations here to help you decide whether you should hire someone like me
  • SEO foundations: SEO audits, repairs, and maintenance
  • SEM management: Google Ads campaigns, campaign optimizations
  • How do we know our marketing is working? Metrics and funnels analysis, reporting
  • How can we generate more leads? Content strategy, particularly around long-tail keywords

If you're interested in hiring me, get in touch by filling out this form.

I also love learning about different industries and how different companies think about tackling marketing problems - and so I always leave some time for free consultations to hear about what you're working on. If you want a free 30 minute chat, reach me via that same form.