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T3S Marketing

I help companies sell more through organic search.

My name is Tadas. I'm a company of one offering freelancing and consulting services as a digital marketer.

After an initial free consultation, you and I might work together on:

  • SEO audits, repairs, and maintenance
  • Google Analytics metrics, funnels, and reporting
  • Content strategy, particularly around long-tail keywords
  • Content management, particularly around systemizing and automating it

Why work with me?

Predictable pricing. I don't change an hourly rate: I work with you to scope the project at hand, and then quote you a fixed price for delivering that project. I'm incentivized to deliver as quickly as possible. And if it takes me longer than I expected to complete, that's on me.

End to end hand-holding. I won't sell you something that won't have real impact on your business. My experience as a founder and software engineer allows me to consult on everything from web development to making sure our marketing efforts are feeding into your revenue numbers.

A personal relationship. I'm not a faceless corporation: I'm a company of one. You and I will collaborate closely to make sure you are getting the outcomes you envision by engaging with me.

How I outsourced blog writing to 20k unique readers/month

I was able to build a blog of 20k unique readers/month at a cost of about $200/week to produce the content, maybe $100/yr of overhead, 30 minutes/week of an expert's time, and some up-front SEO keyword research.
Tadas Antanavicius
Tadas Antanavicius
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